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I haven’t written in awhile but I am going to change that awful habit because I really do miss blogging!

Just to give my readers some context- I am now in college and hope all of you will join me on my new, exciting and sometimes drama-ridden journey:)

Was there ever a time in your life when you thought of the perfect thing to say, for example, after an argument took place? Thinking that if you just did that one thing differently the outcome might have changed. Last night I had that moment, I thought back to what I should have said/done early that night and this poem came out of that frustration.

I don’t know
These words echo-
In my mind in my soul 
Mocking my very existence
Pounding in my head-the unbearable silence- 
My voice
Lost in stolen kisses-forgetting I have a choice

I don’t know
These words echoing
In my mind, in my soul

Trembling I stand before you
Offering what I’m willing to give 
But it’s not enough 
Is the response I receive
Do u have any idea who I am?
What I believe?

I don’t know
Words that echo in my mind, 
In my soul

Not yearning to know everything about me-
Instead only trying to explore every inch of my body 

The vessel which carries me
My soul-me- trembles

Buried deep inside
I do know
And the answer is no

What do I do?


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Simple Poem…no form.

A fire surges within my heart
As your voice beckons me
I feel the need to part
From reality
Longing to feel the vitality
Of a beautiful passion that stirs the soul

Nevertheless, I fear losing control..
My feelings for you
Have been construed
As I am lost
Thrown in the dark
For I once gave you my heart
And you tore it apart

What do I do,
Besides write love poems about you?

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